Tech-Empowered Healthy Living for Seniors Living with Dementia

Accessible, pre-programmed tablets designed to support people living with dementia with activities of daily living, including medication management, mealtimes, reminders and socialization.

Key information

Who is this project for? People living with dementia, their care partners, and frontline staff at community agencies that provide services to people living with dementia.

Project Lead: Human Endeavour

Project partners: The Regional Municipality of York, Community & Home Assistance to Seniors (CHATS), Senior Persons Living Connected, Punjabi Community Health Services

Project status: ongoing, 2023-2025

Project location: Vaughan, Ontario with tablet distribution to older adults in Ontario and Alberta

Project team members:

  • Noor Din, CEO, Human Endeavour
  • Asrar Haq, Chief Technology Officer, Human Endeavour
  • John Gil, Engineer, Human Endeavour
  • Shakila Sadaf, Call Centre Manager, Human Endeavour
  • Dr. Lois Kamenitz, Knowledge Broker, Human Endeavour

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Project story


Through this project, accessible smart tablets (pre-programmed in 15 languages) will be provided to people living with dementia in Ontario (year 1) and Alberta (year 2), along with related training and support. The tablets are able to use and send voice commands, voice reminders and prompts for important activities of daily living (including socializing, bedtime, medication, meals, etc.). The tablets have the ability to notify care partners by email when selected tasks are not completed (medication, for example) for potential intervention. Training for use of the tablets will be provided to frontline workers of partner organizations, while illustrative manuals will be provided for people living with dementia and their care partners, in addition to a remote telephone helpline for real-time assistance.

Resources this project has developed:

In addition to the development of an accessible Android tablet and customizable technology for people living with dementia, this project has also developed:

  • an illustrated multilingual handbook
  • a multilingual call centre to support tablet users
  • hands-on education and training for frontline staff of partner organizations and those interested in partnering

This project is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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